2020 Letter from the HBCA President

Annual Membership Appeal

Dear HBCA Members and Huntington Beach Residents,

For 92 years, the members of the Huntington Beach Community Association have joined in the responsibility of caring for our beach property on an annual basis. This community support is what has allowed us to keep HBCA a place we are all so proud of.

As this is the beginning of a new year, we ask that you renew your HBCA membership or welcome you to become a new member. As the largest privately-owned beach on the North Shore of Long Island, HBCA is many things to our membership. It is a marina to our boaters, a beach club to our swimmers, sun bathers, and kayakers, a summer recreation program to our children, and an events venue within our Casino, just to name a few. But most importantly, HBCA is a place we go to enjoy the company of our family, friends, and neighbors. 

With your support, we are able to continuously operate, maintain, and improve our beach. This includes employment of water safety, security, and summer recreation personnel, moving of sand for beach replenishment and countering the effects of erosion, beach raking, and landscape maintenance. In 2019 we were able to make some significant improvements which included resurfacing and repairing our docks, replenishment of bluestone in our parking lot, replacement of flower boxes, and upgrades to our security camera system. Your continued support in 2020, will allow us to keep our facilities well maintained and available for members' use.

In addition to obtaining access to beach facilities, members are also welcome to attend our many events hosted throughout the year. These events are a great way to bring our community together while in some cases, serving as much needed fund raisers to supplement the membership dues. Please check out our 2020 calendar of events right here on our website. 

The Board of Directors and our many volunteers work tirelessly throughout the year to maintain our valuable property and run our programs and events in the most efficient ways possible. However􀀘 our costs continue to rise. Most notable, we will continue to be impacted by the NYS minimum wage increase as payroll is the largest line item in our budget. In order to keep up with our rising costs, the Board of Directors has elected to increase membership dues by approximately 4%.

We ask that you please join your neighbors in renewing your HBCA membership in 2020 and share the responsibility, prosperity, and many benefits supported by our members.

On behalf of myself and the Board of Directors, we all look forward to a great year ahead. See you at the beach!


Brian Puccinelli

HBCA President, 2020

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