2021 Letter from the HBCA President

Dear HBCA Members and Huntington Beach Residents,

Happy New Year everyone!  2020 sure was a whirlwind.  Nearly every aspect of our community beach life changed overnight.  While we had to cancel our traditional community activities and events, the board of directors rose to the challenge to keep the community engaged throughout the pandemic. 


The newly created socially distant events were huge hits!  From the Zoom meetings, “High Tides Good Vibes” signs, and drive-in movies, to the Safe Halloween marshmallow cookout, and the first ever holiday cocoa crawl, Huntington Beach kept our sense of community.  And community is the very essence of our neighborhood.


With that said, and as my first statement to the board and community at large, I would like to recognize the hard work of our volunteer board of directors and committee members.  They worked tirelessly throughout the year to keep our community strong.  While the outside world seemed to be falling apart at the seams, HBCA has become more tight-knit than ever.  For that, I would like to express a big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to a great year at HBCA.


Now to look ahead, 2021 will bring a new HBCA, combining the traditions we all love with the new creativity we saw last year.  As incoming President, I would like to focus my energy on two main areas – HBCA culture and beach infrastructure improvements.  


HBCA Culture - HBCA has a culture unto itself.  It is the very reason why our neighborhood is so desirable.  It’s our history, events, our kids riding bikes down Monroe, our playground, swim float, the stores on Washington Drive, our casino, and yes, the beach itself. HBCA culture is strong.  


As a resident of the neighborhood – member of the beach or not - take pride in our HBCA culture. It is evident by our hot real estate market and our high beach membership in 2020.  People are clamoring to be a part of our community – and it’s our culture that drives that!  


Within my term, a core goal will be to continue to strengthen our culture. A key aspect to make that happen is community involvement. With the start of a new year, I encourage all of you to become involved; make it a new year’s resolution.  I promise, you will find it rewarding to be able to make a direct impact within the community you live and fulfilling to be engaged with your neighbors.


The Shorelines newsletter and our community Facebook pages are currently great expressions of our culture.  As a part of strengthening our culture, I intend to expand current efforts with more regular content creation and dissemination across all our communication channels.  Additionally, as video continues to advance as a popular medium, I plan to utilize it to further showcase events and bring personality to my announcements.   


Beach Infrastructure Improvements – The beach is a “backyard” to all of us.  This is why the board and committees work so hard to make it look so beautiful.  However, it takes a tremendous amount of effort and money to keep the beach looking great.  The casino, beach sand, flower boxes, dock, boat ramp, kayak racks, parking lot, pavilion, and playground all require routine maintenance.  However, we are at a crossroads with replacement or major capital upgrades to our beach infrastructure.  As such, it will be a focus of my presidency to maintain, preserve, and improve these valuable features of our “backyard”.  Through the active committees and multiple fundraising efforts, our sweat equity and capital will contribute to the upgrades and improvements forthcoming over the next few years.  The phrase “it takes a village” especially rings true in our neighborhood.  As such, I implore you to share your efforts with your “village” and become an active participant in literally building a better beach “backyard” for yourself and your neighbors.


A new year, a new leaf.  We have great momentum going for a fantastic 2021.  I am very much a “more the merrier” type of person.  I would love to see you all at the beach.  I am confident you will love the culture of HBCA and feel right at home in your own “backyard beach.”


Alex Borg

HBCA President, 2021