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Please read on for some very important information and the links to the Cocoa Crawl Map and Best House Contest Poll.

There has been a ton of interest in this event and we have sold out all 100 of the tumblers we had made. Most have been delivered already, but if you have not received yours please check your mailbox now and throughout the day. The rest will be delivered very soon! (And please be kind enough to let us know if you received too many by mistake)

Whether or not you were quick enough to purchase a tumbler, and whether you are walking or driving (at your leisure between 12/18 and 12/20), here are two (2) map links you can use to help guide you to the participating houses...

Story MAP (with images):

Google MAP:

Finally, when all is said and done, please VOTE for your favorite house by midnight on Sunday 12/20 here:

* Be sure to take photos and share them on our community Facebook page using hashtag #HBCACocoaCrawl!

cocoa crawl map screenshot.png