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HBCA Beach Opening Summer 2019! Memorial Day Weekend

IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN HBCA! For HBCA membership information and Online Registration click here.

See You at the Beach!


  • Car/Kayak/Boat stickers can be picked up at the Guard Shack.

  • The gate guards will be on duty Memorial Day Weekend Saturday, Sunday and Monday 8:30am - 6:30pm and weekends only until school ends.

  • Present your vehicle registration to receive your stickers. The car sticker is your Beach Permit and will be placed by the Gate Guard on the car right rear window.

  • All member cars must have a car sticker to enter the HBCA parking lot.

  • Come to a complete stop at the Gate when entering the parking lot.

  • The parking lot gate will be locked at 9:00pm for the summer. Please remove any cars before that time.


  • Members must accompany Guests or notify the gate staff ahead of time to register the Guest. Guard shack phone number: 631-427-4222

  • Guests must register at the Guard Shack and sign the guest list with the member name, guest name and license plate number.


  • The dinghy rack can only be used by HBCA members who have purchased dinghy/kayak stickers.

  • The 2019 kayak/dinghy sticker must be placed on the stern side of your vessel (please remove old stickers).

  • All vessels on the HBCA racks on both the north and south end of the beach must display their dinghy/kayak sticker or they are subject to being removed.


  • Boating members may pick up 2019 boat ramp and main gate keys from Rick Puccinelli, Boating Director, beginning Memorial Day Weekend. Previous year keys must be returned upon receipt of 2019 key. Please contact Rick at to arrange pick-up.

  • Boat stickers will be distributed by the Gate Guards and must be affixed to the starboard side windshield or cabin window.

  • The boat ramp gate must be closed and locked after use. Gate guards may not unlock this gate for any boater unless they have an HBCA boating permit.

  • As a reminder, boat tie-up at the dock is limited to 10 minutes. Please contact Boating Director Rick Puccinelli should you need to request permission to tie-up for any additional length of time.


  • Lifeguards will be on duty Memorial Day weekend.

  • Welcome back our lifeguards and introduce your family to the staff!

See You at the Beach!!! HBCA Rules and Regulations

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