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COVID-19 Update 3/29 - Closure of HBCA Recreation Facilities

Hello HBCA neighbors, We hope you all are weathering the quarantine safely. After speaking with many concerned residents, the Suffolk County Police Department, Town Officials and medical professionals, to ensure the safety of everyone within HBCA, the playground, swings, volleyball court and basketball court will be closed. This is in effort to reduce our community exposure to COVID-19. The virus can remain on surfaces for 28 days. HBCA must do our best to protect our children and the community at large. You will see caution tape around the playground. We encourage parents to keep your children off the equipment until further notice. While the beach will remain open, we cannot stress enough to practice social distancing. We have seen many groups this past week ignoring this nationally requested safety guideline. Please do your part and help flatten the curve. If everyone practices this simple request, we’ll be through this trying time much faster. We know it is tough living under the current circumstances. It is important we all do our part and make this little sacrifice for the greater good of our community. While our nation isn’t out of the woods yet, together we can beat this virus. We are HBCA strong! Regards, HBCA Board of Directors P.S. We will continue to keep our members updated here on our website as well as email as the COVID-19 situation evolves. If you are not signed up for our mailing list click here. As always, should anyone in the community need anything specific, please feel free to reach out to your district director or email us at

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