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HBCA Book Club Meeting - New Date! Wednesday, June 9th @ 7pm

The HBCA BOOK CLUB meeting was another huge success! It was a beautiful day and we again had a large turnout of about 20 HBCA members! We look forward to our next meeting - ALL HBCA members are invited!!! To join our email list add it to this posting or email me at

The next meeting is changed to WEDNESDAY, JUNE 9 at 7:00Pm at the beach or Casino depending on weather/bugs!!! Bring cocktails and snacks!

The book "THE LOST APOTHECARY" by Sarah Penner was agreed on. We are creating a list of books recommended by the group that we will select from for future meetings - from the meeting we have The Pirate Queen and The Tortilla Curtain. Please email any other book suggestions to add to the list.

I found these book discussion questions - I think these are important, so if someone finds other questions to guide our discussion, please share them!

Sign up the the HBCA Book Club emails:

Jeanne Agnello

Janette Newell


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