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Important Info: Car Stickers & Boat Ramp Keys

CAR STICKERS: In an effort to increase security this year, in order get your car stickers, you will need to show your license and registration. You will also need to fill out a sticker form. Forms will be available at the gatehouse, but for your convenience and to speed up the process, you can print out the form here and fill it out prior to arrival for your sticker. BOAT RAMP:  The boat ramp locks have been updated to 2024 keys. All paid boating members who need access to the ramp can reach out to Boating Director Rich Wrede by emailing or calling 516-805-9335 for your key. BEACH RULES:  As a reminder, here are the updated beach rules that have been established to ensure protection of the Association property and the safety and welfare of the Membership. Please do your best to know these rules and abide by them in order to foster happiness and harmony for all members.


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